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What is Resume ?
A resume is a one or two page document containing summary of all relevant information about your educational qualification, work experience and personal or job related interests. A Resume is the most important item to pursuit a job or employment because resume is a tool to effectively communicate your talent, skills and qualifications in written format. A good resume length should be one or two page containing all necessary information related to job. If length exceed it is called as curriculum vitae CV which contains more detailed synopsis that are in resume. Freshers are recommended to use resume not curriculum vitae(CV).

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Why you need to use Kin India online resume builder/maker

  • Resume format is very important and should be professional. This application is created by alumni of VIT University who had placement in many top companies and reviewed by many professionals. So your resume will be highly professional.
  • Easy to create in minutes and take print out.
  • No need to alignment or format.
  • You can access it even in your mobile and available at any time.
  • Free, No charge for creating resume online - Resume writing service starts from $10 to $500 (Rs 500 to 2500) but we offer it for free to freshers because most of them don't know worth of resume preparation and failing to pursuit a job with their bad resume.
  • Available in many standard formats.

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This resume format is applicable to B.E/, M.Tech, BSC, BA, Bcom, diploma, B.Ed (Teacher), MBA, MCA and all degree and branches, Lecturer, assistant professor who trying to get a job.
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Top University and college students use Kin India resume creator to write their resume in standard format. This is beta version soon we will update with more online resume template.

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