School Holiday – Tamil Nadu teachers strike on 8th October 2015

Tamil Nadu teachers strike on 8th October 2015 demonstration takes place from 11.00 AM to 12.00 PM

Tamil Nadu teachers had planned for the strike on 8th October 2015 (Tomorrow) to fulfill their demands. Over 3 million of teachers are going to involve in the Tamil Nadu teachers’ strike which was going to organize by the JACTTO (Joint Action Council of Tamil Nadu Teachers’ organization). JACTTO organization started with the 24 teachers unions and they had conducted the demonstration from the month of March to August. But there was no response from the government of Tamil Nadu. So the JACTTO members had planned to conduct the strike on 8th October and it will be going to held during 11.00 AM to 12.00 PM in their respective districts. Nearly 3 million teachers are working under the department of education.

Due to strike schools may be holiday. Comment below whether do you have school or not tomorrow. If you know more news comment below. So it will be useful to many people.

Tamil Nadu Government School holiday: Teachers decided to get into Strike

Tamil Nadu Teachers strike

Tamil Nadu teachers strike on 8th October 2015

On 6th October the TN government had arranged the meeting with the JACTTO members to withdraw the strike. Conference meeting was held in the presence of the director, Mr.Kannappan and the elementary school director, Mr.Elangovan. In that meeting JACTTO members have described their needs, including the salary increment, cancellation of the TET exam and other 13 demands. While during the conference the JACTTO members has submitted the complaints related to the pension allotted to the government teachers.

Doss, Thayagarajan, Rangarajan, Suresh, Annadurai, Manivasagam, Ethiraj, Samisathiyamoorthi had participated in the conference meeting on behalf of the JACTTO members. Their main demands are to neglect the TET exam and therefore the teacher recruitment will fully based on the seniority basis and not based on the TET exam marks, to continue the old pension scheme (the government need to provide the pension for the teacher family, after the teacher’s death related to the CPS scheme) and to provide the quality money for the secondary teachers by the federal government.

Main demands of the teachers:

  • Cancellation of TET exams
  • The old pension scheme should be continued
  • The federal government needs to provide the pay scale for the secondary teachers

TN Teachers strike on 8th Oct 2015: JACTTO Members disappointed with director’s speech

After the negotiation the director says out of 15 demands, 9 demands belongs to financial department and 6 demands are common. TET exams are related to the compulsory education law and it cannot be easily neglected and the persons who didn’t receive their pension, according to the CPS scheme will be received by this month with 8.7% interest and they announced that the pay scale for the secondary teachers will not be provided by this year. JACTTO members were getting disappointed by the director’s speech and they planned for the demonstration until their demands get fulfilled. The directors had planned to bring this complaint to the TN chief minister soon. The JACTTO members had given the information to the journalist regarding that, the government also planned to hold up the salary of the teachers who are going to involve in the strike on 8th October 2015.


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